Key Benefits of PRP Hair Restoration

Hair loss is surprisingly common with around 80% of men and 40% of women experiencing it at some point in their lifetime. Some men begin to see visibly thinning hair in their early 20s, while affected women usually only begin to see visibly thinning hair after age 50. While thinning hair doesn’t cause any medical issues, it can be very distressing and significantly impair quality of life. Today, platelet rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration is available. The key benefits of PRP hair restoration include:


Unlike hair transplants, which require a rather complicated and prolonged surgical procedure, PRP hair restoration is a minimally-invasive, quick, and easy treatment. The patient first has a normal blood sample taken from an arm vein, and while the patient waits in the clinic, the PRP is prepared in a simple in-office procedure that only takes around 15 minutes. Then, using a tiny needle, the PRP is simply injected into multiple sites in the scalp. There is no downtime or recovery period required.


Minoxidil is somewhat effective in regrowing hair in most people, but it has to be applied twice a day, every single day for life. This can be rather tedious and inconvenient. There are also some oral medications available for men that can stop and sometimes reverse male-pattern baldness, but these again need to be taken every single day for life and require a yearly trip to the doctor to get a prescription and regular trips to the pharmacy to fill the prescription, which can be very inconvenient. PRP hair restoration only requires three initial treatments at monthly intervals to restore hair; after that, only a single yearly maintenance treatment is necessary.


Most — but not all — cases of hair loss are caused by androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male-pattern baldness even though it also affects large numbers of women. As mentioned above, minoxidil can be used to treat androgenetic alopecia in both men and women, and while it shows some efficacy, it is not a miracle cure. PRP is capable of restoring hair in both men and women regardless of the cause of the hair loss; every hair thinning condition treated so far has responded quite well to PRP hair restoration.


PRP is derived from the patient’s own blood and acts via triggering natural healing and rejuvenation processes in the patient’s scalp. During this hair restoration treatment, the patient isn’t exposed to any chemicals and does not undergo any invasive surgical treatments. PRP simply unleashes the body’s own powerful healing capabilities.

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