Grow Your Own Hair with PRP Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a pervasive issue that almost everyone will experience at some point over the years. You can take quite a few steps to protect your hair, but some of the risk factors are completely out of your control. If you are tired of ineffective hair growth products, then you should take a closer look at PRP hair restoration treatments. This amazing procedure has helped many patients regrow their hair, and it might be exactly what you need to rebuild your confidence.

About PRP

Many patients are surprised to hear that PRP therapy was originally used to treat surgical wounds and joint injuries. Those types of injuries and wounds often take weeks to heal, and researchers began looking for new ways to speed up that process. After some exhaustive studies, the researchers realized that they could trigger the body’s natural healing response with a substance known as platelet-rich plasma.

Your bloodstream contains countless platelets, and those molecules help the body replace damaged cells after an injury occurs. When the platelets are turned into a concentrated serum, they can be injected directly into a patient’s soft tissue to manually stimulate the body’s healing response. In addition to treating injuries and surgical scars, that serum is also a good option for damage on the surface of a patient’s skin. Our team can inject PRP directly into areas where the hair follicles have been damaged. Your body will respond to those injections by flooding the area with powerful growth factors and healthy cells.

The Procedure

PRP hair restoration treatment is carried out over the course of steps. First, we will extract a small sample of your blood. In order to separate the plasma from all of the other molecules, we must place the sample in a medical device known as a centrifuge. Once we have the PRP, we can inject the serum directly into the treatment sites. It’s really that simple and natural.

Your Beautiful Hair

Even though the results aren’t going to be immediately apparent, you should notice distinct improvements in the weeks and months that follow. The healthy hair that begins to grow is going to be completely natural, and that means you won’t have to worry about any unusual hair growth products.

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