Why Choose Medical Spas Over Day Spas?

A trip to the spa can be restorative for your body and mind. When you are planning a trip to the spa for self-care, you may initially think of a day spa for a massage or pedicure. However, if you are looking for wellness reaching far below surface level, you may be interested in our medical spa services. If you are searching for medical spas in Lafayette, make sure to visit The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinic for customized beauty and wellness services!

Why Should You Choose a Medical Spa?

At our medical spa, we do more than help you to relax. Balance your inner wellbeing with services that benefit you from the inside out. We blend anti-aging medicine with treatments for aesthetic wellness. This helps you not only look beautiful but also feel your very best. Check out just three reasons why you should choose medical spas over traditional day spas:

1. Medical Spa Services Are Overseen By Medical Professionals

When we say that medical spas are staffed by trained professionals—we mean it. Our specialists range from licensed medical aestheticians to physician’s assistants. Each treatment is performed and overseen by doctors and medical professionals to ensure safe procedures and top-quality results. We understand the human body and can help you make informed decisions to take care of your concerns. Whether you need to treat skin discoloration or need fast, effective weight loss solutions, you’ll find results overseen by specialists you can trust.

2. Treatment Benefits Are More Potent and Long-Lasting

While we will never knock the physical and emotional goodness of a relaxing massage, its relaxation may only linger for a few days. We take pride in offering high-quality treatments with benefits that last long after your visit. At our medical spa, find a wide variety of treatments to help meet your aesthetic wellness goals. Erase wrinkles and fine lines with Botox or Dysport injectables. Find facial rejuvenation services for restored youthfulness with CO2RE Skin Rejuvenation. Looking for non-surgical body sculpting? Treatments like UltraShape help to eliminate stubborn fat cells for more contoured body features. And this barely scratches the surface of what wellness services you can find at our medical spa!

3. Medical Spa Facilities Are Clean, Safe, And State-Of-The-Art

Medical spas, like our clinic in Lafayette, maintain high standards of sanitation. We keep our facility fresh and clean for your comfort and safety. Our team offers the same care that you can find at a traditional day spa, but we are also equipped to provide other corrective and rejuvenating treatments. Our physicians can help you erase cellulite, diminish facial lines and wrinkles, find hair growth solutions, and more. Also, in the rare chance that a spa treatment causes onsite side effects or allergic reactions, medical spa specialists are prepared to handle the situation.

Looking For Medical Spas In Lafayette?

Have we convinced you to give medical spas a try? If you are looking for medical spas in Lafayette, we hope that you consider visiting The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinic! Visit our spa in person, or schedule a free, private consultation with our professionals to determine which service is right for you. Call us today at 337-484-1234. We can’t wait to hear from you!