What Is VASER Lipo?

VASER Lipo is a type of liposuction used for the elimination of fat from specific areas of the body. The procedure helps eliminate stubborn fat while smoothing the skin’s surface. The result is a much more toned look. The procedure is minimally-invasive and breaks up fat using ultrasound waves. The procedure is simple and offers a fast recovery. The process begins with an injection of a saline solution or a tumescent liquid and anesthetic mixture into the area of the body being treated. The fat cells are broken apart using either water pressure or a laser as opposed to the manual movements and cannula used for traditional liposuction.

The high frequency ultrasound vibration effectively breaks apart the fat cells. The tissues in the surrounding areas are not touched by VASER Lipo. The process only targets the fatty tissue. This treatment is an alternate technology also referred to as LipoSelection. The procedure improves aesthetics by removing the fatty tissue underneath the skin. The surgeon inserts the ultrasonic probe into the fatty tissue to break the fat cells apart gently. The fat is loosened and disengaged by the vibration. The fat is then emulsified due to the injection of the tumescent fluid. Once the emulsification has begun, the fat cells and liquid are removed using a small cannula.

This procedure is much gentler than the techniques used for traditional liposuction. VASER Lipo provides the surgeon with a lot more control. This benefits the individual with the contoured and smooth appearance they desire. The treatment was specifically created to loosen the fat while preserving and protecting the surrounding tissues. The best candidates for this procedure are interested in sculpting or contouring their body, are in good health and physical condition and have no intention of using the process for weight loss. The best areas on the body to treat with VASER Lipo are the abdomen, thighs, chin, knees, love handles, chest, arms, and neck.

The Benefits of VASER Lipo

There are a lot of benefits to this procedure. This is especially true when compared to similar treatments and traditional liposuction. It is important to understand the benefits, the procedure, and to keep all expectations reasonable. The benefits include:

• The process is minimally-invasive
• The procedure targets the fatty tissues and does not impact the surrounding tissues
• Skin with a smoother look is created in delicate areas including the arms and neck
• Only one session is necessary to see visible results
• The recovery period is less than with traditional liposuction
• The procedure is more comfortable than traditional liposuction
• It is easy to eliminate a large volume of stored fat
• The muscles are refined and accentuated for a more toned appearance.

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