KYBELLA for Discreet Double Chin Treatment

When it comes to choosing a double chin treatment, very few options are as effective or discreet as KYBELLA® injections. This innovative product has helped thousands of patients eradicate unwanted fat and sagging tissue, and it might be exactly what you need to sculpt the jawline that you have always wanted. Within weeks of your first appointment, your double chin could melt away before your eyes as the subcutaneous fat is expelled from your body. If you are tired of dealing with sagging soft tissue just below your chin, then you need to consider this double chin treatment.

Double Chin Risk Factors

Most experts agree that you can reduce your risk of developing a double chin, but some risk factors are completely out of your control. A patient could stay at a healthy weight their entire life and still struggle with unwanted fat below their chin at some point. As you grow older, your epidermis is going to become damaged, and that is when skin laxity issues seem to appear. Protecting your skin from sun damage could delay those problems for a short period of time, but there is no guarantee that you can avoid them forever. When your skin begins to sag and fatty tissue accumulates along your jawline, you will need to consider professional treatments if you want a long-term solution.

A Look Inside KYBELLA® Injections

After you eat almost any type of fat, your intestines produce a substance known as deoxycholic acid. That acid’s job is to break down fats so that they can be metabolized. A few decades ago, a team of researchers discovered a way to create synthetic deoxycholic acid. When that synthetic substance is injected back into a patient’s skin, it attacks the nearby fat cells while leaving the rest of the soft tissue unharmed. After the acid comes into contact with the fat cells, their walls begin to fall apart. Your body will then attack and expel those cells just as if they were metabolized naturally.

Your Double Chin Treatment

Even though we personalize all of your treatments, most KYBELLA® appointments follow the same few steps. The first step in this process is carefully cleaning and sanitizing the treatment site. One of our team members will then be able to mark where all the injections go. The KYBELLA® injections only take a few moments to complete, and you can immediately head home or return to work as soon as we are done.

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