The Truth About VASER Lipo

VASER Lipo® is a great treatment option for body sculpting, and it uses specialized technology to safely destroy and remove fat from your body. Unlike some of the alternatives, the procedure causes a minimal amount of disruption to surrounding tissue, which significantly improves recovery time. To remove fat cells from the body, VASER Lipo® uses ultrasonic energy, and the ultrasonic technology can selectively target unwanted fat cells.

How VASER Lipo® Destroys Fat Cells

For many years, ultrasonic energy has assisted with medical procedures. It’s commonly used to deliver a peek at a baby while it’s still in the womb, and it’s even used to clean teeth. Over time, physicians have found new ways to use ultrasonic energy, and today, it’s regularly used for fat removal.

When compared to other procedures, the greatest advantage that VASER Lipo® offers is precise targeting, and since it can target unwanted fat cells while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed, it’s a preferred treatment option.

During the procedure, your fatty layer is filled with tumescent fluid. Next, an ultrasonic probe is inserted into the fatty layer, and it produces high-frequency vibrations. The powerful vibrations break apart fat cells and cause them to melt into the tumescent fluid.

After the fat has been broken apart and absorbed by the tumescent fluid, a special tool is inserted and used to carefully remove the liquid. While your body is healing, your skin will shrink, and you’ll end up with a natural, smooth appearance.

What Makes VASER Lipo® Different?

This procedure is different because it selectively targets fat cells. Traditional liposuction techniques aren’t nearly as selective, and they tend to cause more damage to surrounding tissues.

VASER Lipo® is also different because it uses ultrasound technology. This form of liposuction can preserve blood vessels, connective tissues and nerves, and at the same time, remove unwanted fat.

The Advantages of VASER Lipo®

If you’re thinking about undergoing this procedure, you should understand the benefits. VASER Lipo® can usually be performed with a local anesthetic, which means it’s not as risky as some alternative procedures. It’s also less invasive. With such precise targeting, this procedure causes less blood loss, bruising and scarring, which results in less recovery time.

What About the Results?

If you’re looking for a natural, subtle look, then VASER Lipo® is worth considering. By stimulating collagen production within your body, this procedure will leave you with tighter skin. Most patients benefit from instant results, but you’ll need to wait about three to six months to see the full benefits of the procedure.

VASER Lipo® is ideal for patients who’re having trouble losing weight from problem areas. It can be used for the thighs, love handles, back, tummy and arms. The procedure doesn’t take too long, and the recovery time is minimal.

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