What is HGH Replacement Therapy?

HGH replacement therapy is intended to bring human growth hormone levels back into balance when they have dropped in a significant way. It is similar to hormone replacement therapy for reproductive hormones like testosterone and estrogen. HGH is important for the development of your bones and muscles. It also plays an important role in how your body processes fat and sugar. Researchers believe HGH may even have an impact on your cardiovascular health. When you were a child, it regulated your growth. However, it continues to have a major impact on your health as an adult. If your HGH levels drop to the point that you are troubled by chronic symptoms, HGH replacement therapy may be recommended for you.

What Happens When Your HGH Levels are Low?

When your HGH levels drop down in a significant way, you will know it. You may feel like you are really dragging, so tired that you have a hard time finding enough energy to get through your typical day. Even if you get extra sleep, you can’t make that fatigue go away. You may feel weak and unable to do your typical fitness regimen anymore. Your weight can start going up even though you have been doing everything you should to bring it down. Irritability and a loss of libido may occur as well. It’s frustrating. You just want to feel like yourself. You’re not alone. HGH levels often drop as you hit middle age and beyond. That doesn’t mean you have to accept it. In some cases, you may experience a drop at a younger age. Fortunately, HGH replacement therapy can help you.

What are Your Choices for HGH Replacement Therapy?

HGH therapy should fit your lifestyle while restoring balance to your hormone levels. You can choose from three options when you are ready to begin HGH therapy. You can have pellets implanted beneath your skin. You can get injections of replacement hormones. You also could choose to wear a patch that releases the hormones into your body. You won’t notice a change overnight. You’ll need the hormone replacement therapy to take its time as it gradually restores your levels to an ideal amount that will promote your well-being. As you consistently follow a treatment regimen, you should notice an improvement in the way that you feel.

How to Start HGH Replacement Therapy

You can’t diagnose low HGH levels on your own. You can’t treat the problem by yourself either. Your best place to start is with our doctor. Our physician will evaluate you as you list your symptoms. Expect our doctor to send you for a blood test in order to look at your hormone levels that are evident in your blood sample. If your HGH levels are lower than they should be, our doctor can talk to you about all of your treatment options so that you can choose one that makes you feel comfortable. Begin HGH replacement therapy and you will feel like you are getting your life back. Contact us today at The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinic of Louisiana to schedule your consultation.