Treating Melasma with Chemical Peels

Melasma is a type of hyperpigmentation appearing as blotchy patches that are rich in melanin and contrast significantly with other areas of the skin surface. In most cases, melasma occurs only in the epidermis and the mid-dermal levels. Fortunately, the appearance of the condition can be improved through chemical peels. Peel treatments vary according to what type of hyperpigmentation exists.

We encourage our clients with melasma to consult with us before deciding to undergo a peel treatment. These treatments can be customized according to the actual skin tone and skin thickness. Properly performed, chemical peels can even out the skin tone, reduce the visual signs of melasma, and even smooth the skin surface without excessive bleaching.

Types of Peels

A superficial peel treatment can be effective for melasma patches so long as these darkened areas aren’t present too far beneath the epidermis. This peel treatment involves the use of a special solution that is applied to the skin and allowed to sit for a set amount of time. A series of treatment sessions at our office is usually necessary for optimal results.

How Chemical Peels Treat Melasma

The solution works its way down into the mid-dermal levels and affects the skin tissue. The body responds to this the same way it would if a mild sunburn has been experienced. However, unlike a sunburn, a peel treatment doesn’t affect the subdermal layers, nor does it inhibit the body’s ability to accelerate the growth of replacement skin tissue.

During healing after the peel treatment, the lower dermal layers begin to transform and move upward toward the surface. This is what becomes the new epidermal layer. This newly formed tissue is full of collagen and is lighter in tone than the tissue it replaces. Melasma can’t be permanently cured by a chemical peel, but the overall tone is much improved, especially with regular treatments.

Even Out Overall Skin Tone

Melasma can cause a loss of self-confidence, but a customized peel treatment plan at The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana can give it right back. Schedule an appointment with us in Lafayette or Baton Rouge to learn more about how chemical peels can be used to reduce the appearance of melasma. It’s a simple cosmetic procedure that can even out the skin tone and make those annoying dark spots much less visible. Contact us today to book a consultation!