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At The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana, we’re about so much more than how you look. After all, even if you look terrific, you’re not going to enjoy it if you don’t feel terrific as well. One service that exemplifies our holistic philosophy is our HGH therapy. A lack of growth hormones can negatively affect your life in so many ways. But thankfully, you can address these issues with simple, therapeutic  injections. Ready to know if it’s right for you? Learn more with us. We’re the destination for HGH therapy Baton Rouge trusts. 

What Exactly IS HGH Therapy? 

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Therapy specifically addresses Growth Hormone Deficiency. This condition usually results from the destruction of normal pituitary or hypothalamic tissue. Tumors, surgeries, radiation therapy, as well as aging, can cause this vital hormone to decrease. Without proper growth hormone levels, individuals can experience a lower quality of life. Effects include significant changes in body composition, bone density, lipid metabolism, cardiovascular function, and physical well-being. It also can affect sleep patterns and decreased immune system function. Injections of human growth hormones can increase your levels and reverse these negative effects. 

HGH Therapy In The Medical Community

Are you still skeptical about HGH therapy? We understand. In today’s day and age, it can be so difficult to figure out what’s real and what’s not. To help soothe any of your doubts, we’ve gathered some reputable sources who agree about the benefits of HGH therapy.  

  • The Mayo Clinic reports that injections of HGH therapy can increase exercise capacity, bone density, and muscle mass. Additionally, it can decrease body fat.
  • Harvard Medical School Men’s Health Watch published an article recently. In it, they cite a study in which HGH increased participants’ lean body mass by an average of 4.6 pounds. 

Additionally, you should ask your doctor all your questions. After all, that’s precisely why Aesthetic Medicine offers a complimentary consultation. It’s your opportunity to get some answers, describe your goals, and find the solution that’s best for you. 

HGH therapy could be for you. How do you know? Under the guidance of a medical professional, you’ll need evaluation and laboratory testing. After that, if you’re diagnosed with HGH deficiency, then you could benefit from HGH Replacement Therapy.

HGH Therapy Baton Rouge and Lafayette  

Stop putting your life on hold! It’s time to start feeling like yourself again. The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana are your local experts on HGH therapy in Baton Rouge. We have locations in Baton Rouge on Bluebonnet Boulevard as well as in Lafayette off of Ambassador Caffery Parkway. Get started on your journey to look and feel like yourself again. Contact the location nearest you to schedule your free initial appointment. Our team is committed to helping you feel and look your absolute best.