The Tattoo Removal Process at Aesthetic Medicine

Everyone makes mistakes, but living with one on your skin forces you to carry it with you. In the moment, getting a tattoo with an ex-partner’s name or impulsive designs might feel like a great idea. But later on, you may have changed your mind and want it removed. But what does the process of getting a tattoo removed in Baton Rouge look like? Let’s break down the tattoo removal process at our Baton Rouge clinic into a few steps. 

1. Meet With a Medical Professional Who Specializes in Tattoo Removal in Baton Rouge 

If you are serious about living without tattoo regret, schedule a consultation at The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana. Once you arrive, you will need to fill out forms, which means it’s good to arrive early. After finishing with your forms, staff will take you to a private room to discuss your concerns with your doctor. This is when you should communicate your removal goals and any other necessary information, like medications and relevant health conditions. When it comes to drinking and smoking, you should be honest as it may affect your procedure. Since tattoo removal is non-invasive, only individuals with serious health problems cannot undergo treatment. 

2. Discuss Your Options

After talking, your doctor will help decide which plan will suit your needs. Based on your health and the qualities of your tattoo, your doctor can estimate the results you’ll most likely get and what that process will look like. Typically, patients need six to eight treatments based on the colors used and the skill level of the tattoo artist. Novice tattoo artist often deposits ink unevenly. Some patients will have their tattoos entirely removed while others can only expect the ink to fade. 

Tattoo ink stays in your skin because it is injected into the second layer of skin. The ink particles are too large for your white blood cells to attack and destroy. Using both light and sound waves, PicoWay Lasers break up those large pockets of ink. This way, your body can naturally remove the ink with your immune response. Since the outer skin is not affected, you will have a speedy recovery. 

3. Start Your Laser Sessions 

Most patients can start treatment right after the consultation. You will be situated in the best position for access to the tattoo while still feeling comfortable. After an anesthetic cream is applied, the tattoo will start undergoing laser treatment. It should feel like a series of small bursts of energy. Because of the cooling device on the laser, your skin will stay comfortably cool. As far as pain goes, many people compare it to the level of pain receiving the tattoo. On the bright side, the session will be far shorter than a tattoo appointment. The treatment should be completed quickly but will depend on the size of the tattoo.

4. Recover and Wait for Results

The treated area may be covered with a bandage before leaving, and you will receive instructions on how to care for the area. Your doctor will give you a rough estimate regarding a timeline for visible results. As your body breaks down the smaller ink particles, it should lighten over time. However, many patients begin seeing results after the very first visit.  

5. Repeat the Laser Treatments

Typically, this process is repeated over multiple sessions to get the best results.  It will take multiple sessions to get the ink removed to a satisfactory level. It is recommended to wait six weeks between sessions to allow your skin to fully heal. Remember to be patient with this process as each session is a step closer to your goals. Before too long, you’ll kiss your tattoo regrets goodbye! 

Done With Tattoo Regrets? We Are Here to Help.

If you are ready to say goodbye to your ink, make an appointment with us at The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinic to figure out your next steps. With our state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal treatments, your tattoo will become a memory before you know it. Contact us today by calling 225-753-1234 or sending us a message online. Don’t wait to get started removing your tattoo and getting the skin you love.