Aesthetic Medicine: Where You Can Find Tattoo Removal in Lafayette

It is not uncommon for us to make decisions we regret in life. When it comes to tattoos, it is possible to love a tattoo at one point in life and then regret it later on. As time passes, an ex-partner’s name or a spontaneous tattoo can bring up unpleasant memories. These tattoos can be a painful and negative reminder to have on your body. We understand why you might want to have a tattoo removed and are willing to help. If you have been looking for a tattoo removal service in Lafayette, come to The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana.

What You Should Expect from a Tattoo Removal in Lafayette?

If you have been considering tattoo removal, it is important to choose the correct method. Some tattoo removal treatments can cause patients extreme pain without even removing all of the tattoo’s pigments. This can be frustrating for the patient as they have to endure extensive pain and are left with minimal results. And in some cases, these older treatments can cause permanent pigmentation problems for darker skin tones. 

While we want to get rid of the pigment, our specialists still want to protect your skin to shield you from issues later on in life. We approach our tattoo removals with gentle and precise care in order to keep you and your skin safe

Picoway Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo pigments are injected deep into the skin, and unless they are treated properly, they will remain permanent. We specialize in PicoWay laser tattoo removal. This form of tattoo removal in Lafayette requires less downtime and discomfort than traditional laser tattoo removals. The laser uses quick bursts of intense energy to safely remove the pigment from the skin. PicoWay is safer than traditional tattoo removal since shorter laser energy is being used. And, this is better for the skin over time. 

What Your Tattoo Removal Will Look Like

Having tattoo removal in Lafayette might seem terrifying, but we are here to reassure you and keep you safe. During your appointment, your technician will focus the laser’s energy on the tattoo in a series of bursts. Each burst is extremely quick and lasts for about a trillionth of a second! The quick bursts create a photo-acoustic effect, meaning the pigment below the skins is targeted with light and sound energy. The energy slowly breaks up the smallest bits of pigment.

Once the laser has loosened and removed an adequate amount of pigment, the remaining parts will be eliminated from the body over time. Traditionally, patients need about four to six treatments to remove a professional tattoo. This number is significantly reduced compared to traditional laser tattoo removal procedures. 

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If you have been stuck with a stubborn tattoo for a while, let us help you remove it. We understand how some tattoos can negatively affect your life and overall confidence. Tattoo removal can change a person’s life drastically and help them feel better about themselves. Don’t let these tattoos continue to bring you down. Contact us at 337-484-1234, or fill out our form online to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!