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Tattoo Removal In Lafayette

Remove Tattoos Safely and Quickly with PicoWay® Tattoo Removal!

Have you considered undergoing laser tattoo removal? Don’t settle for less than the latest in laser tattoo removal technology. At the Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Lafayette, we’re proud to offer our patients access to one of the most up-and-coming methods of laser tattoo removal, the PicoWay® laser.

Our practice is one of the only aesthetic centers in the state of Louisiana offering this exciting new laser treatment. If you’d like more information about the PicoWay® laser or are interested in scheduling a consultation appointment, contact us today!

What is PicoWay® Tattoo Removal?

In the past, laser tattoo removal treatments have caused patients extreme pain while still not being able to entirely remove the pigmentation of a tattoo. These treatments have also caused permanent pigmentation problems in individuals with darker skin tones.

The PicoWay® laser is a new way to remove tattoos that requires significantly less downtime or discomfort than traditional laser tattoo removal procedures. It is safer because it uses quick, intense bursts of laser energy, rather than less powerful, sustained exposure to laser energy.

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