Sick and Tired of Your Double Chin? Consider Kybella in Lafayette!

There is no doubt about the fact that having a double chin can negatively affect your self-esteem. It can make you look old, overweight, and worn out. If you are sick and tired of your double chin, we invite you to consider the benefits that come from using Kybella®. Residents of the Lafayette area are welcome to schedule a consultation with us to learn about their candidacy for this treatment.

Living with a double chin can be extremely frustrating. It is frustrating because there is very little that you can do about it on your own. If you were heavy in the past and you recently lost weight, you may feel frustrated because even though you are a lot thinner now, you have not lost your double chin. Or you may be frustrated because you have always been thin, but you still have fat underneath your chin. There is no diet that will specifically target submental fat. And there are no exercises that you can do that will completely get rid of your double chin.

Some people use liposuction to have their double chin removed. Many have had good results using this treatment, while others have not. Since liposuction is a surgical procedure, it isn’t right for everyone in Lafayette. Thankfully, Kybella® is not a surgical procedure. As such, more people tend to qualify for it.

So, what does a Kybella® treatment in Lafayette involve? During the treatment, the solution is skillfully injected into certain areas underneath the chin. It’s really that simple. This special solution contains an acid that your body produces naturally. This acid is what helps to break down dietary fat in your body. When it is injected into submental fat, it goes to work breaking down the fat. Then your body will remove those fat cells. The result is that the submental fat disappears and you no longer have a double chin.

If you are really sick and tired of your double chin, you have options. You may not have to use surgery in order to get rid of a double chin. Learn more about Kybella® by scheduling a consultation at The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana, with offices in Lafayette and Baton Rouge. Contact us today to book an appointment!