Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin with Kybella

For many people, dieting, exercising and losing weight are some of the most difficult things they have ever done. And while most people feel happy about the results that they see after doing these things, some individuals feel disappointed.

One of the reasons why they may feel disappointed is because they do not have the body they imagined they would have. For example, think of an individual who used to be overweight, but spent lots of time dieting and exercising. Now they are at a healthy weight, but they are dealing with a double chin. Every time they look in the mirror, they feel disappointed with their appearance. They worked really hard, but they have stubborn fat deposits under their chin that are causing them to feel unsatisfied with all the work they did.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard some individuals try, they may deal with different fat deposits on their body. Thankfully, there are a lot of cosmetic treatments that can be used to get rid of these unwanted fat pockets. When it comes to getting rid of a double chin, Kybella® is a great treatment option.

Kybella® is an effective treatment option because it is injected right under the chin. After a series of quick treatment sessions, individuals are able to say goodbye to their double chin.

When our patients come in for a consultation, we will be able to set up a treatment plan that is customized to their specific needs and goals. Each individual needs a different amount of sessions. The one thing that is certain is that an effective treatment plan will be drawn up for you that will help you to get rid of your double chin.

Most individuals are able to go through Kybella® treatments without experiencing any negative side effects. Of course, you may have a little bit of sensitive or red skin in the area under your chin. However, this usually clears up in a day or two. It takes time for the treatment to work. Basically, the fat cells in the area are killed and then eliminated through the body.

Since the fat cells are killed, they will never return. However, you are going to need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. You will need to be careful to not gain weight again or else you will be dealing with a double chin in the future.

Kybella® is a great treatment option for individuals who want to eliminate their double chin. To see if this treatment is right for you, set up a consultation at The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana. We have offices in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. Contact us today to book an appointment.