Save Your Skin This Summer!

Do you prefer the look and feel of hair-free skin? Then you know how hair removal can be an annoying and near-constant part of your routine. Whether you’re shaving, waxing, or using depilatories, you’re aggravating your skin with razors, wax strips, or chemicals. And the hair is only temporarily gone. It grows back in a matter of days or weeks. To save your skin this summer, look into the laser hair removal Lafayette loves for smoother, healthy skin. 

Why People Hate Shaving

Shaving might be the quickest and cheapest hair removal, but it comes with its downsides. Razor bumps—which are more common in underarms and the bikini line—are unsightly and annoying. In their worst form, they can also be painful. You can also get bumps, ingrown hairs, nicks, and cuts. But most importantly, it doesn’t last long. After shaving, you can only expect a few days of smoothness. Then, the whole process needs to start again.

Why Waxing Isn’t The Best

Some people who hate shaving might think waxing is the best answer. However, waxing can also damage and irritate your skin. Not to mention it HURTS. Yanking your body hair from the root can cause irritation, ingrown hairs, and even skin infections. Some people can also have allergic reactions to the wax. 

Additionally, waxing requires two to four weeks of hair growth. That means you can’t shave or otherwise get rid of the hair while you wait for your waxing appointment. Therefore, you have to get really hairy before you can get smooth.   

How Laser Hair Removal Can Save Your Skin—And Your Summer!  

Now, imagine the freedom of permanent hair removal. Being smooth could be great at any time of year, but especially during the summer. You could enjoy without worry, the pool days, beach vacations, sleeveless tops, and everything else summer brings. All skin types can benefit from this gentle, effective treatment. And you won’t not only enjoy all of the benefits of hair-free skin. Your SKIN will enjoy the freedom from blades, hot wax, and all the irritation they can cause. What’s more—you don’t have to grow out the hair. Your skin actually needs to be clean-shaven for the process to work, so there are no awkward in-between phases. 

GentleMax Pro For Serious Results

When laser hair removal technology first appeared, it was only available to people with fair skin and dark hair. However, the newer GentleMax Pro is laser hair removal that actually uses TWO lasers: the Alexandrite and the YAG. This dual-laser technology can work on all skin types. Clients also report it to be more comfortable and more affordable because it requires fewer visits. And the “gentle” in the name is no accident—it’s gentle on the skin while permanently destroying the hair follicles. 

The Laser Hair Removal Lafayette Loves 

Visit The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana. Give us a call us at 337-484-1234. You can also schedule your first consultation appointment and see if laser hair removal is right for you. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be PERMANENTLY hair-free for every summer to come.