Restore Your Locks with PRP Injections for Hair Loss

Also known as platelet-rich plasma, PRP is a powerful substance that is made from nothing more than the molecules that are already found in a patient’s blood. Doctors from around the world use this concentrated serum to treat a wide variety of health issues ranging from arthritis to soft tissue damage. After dozens of clinical trials, researchers realized that this style of therapy can also be used to treat cosmetic issues, such as hair loss. Here is a closer look at how PRP hair restoration works and a few signs that this procedure may be right for you.

A Look at Platelet-Rich Plasma

Your body produces many different molecules that are vital to the healing process, and that includes the white blood cells and platelets found in PRP. When a concentrated dose of those molecules is injected into soft tissue, the body immediately begins to repair all damage in that area. PRP therapy is extremely effective because it treats the root causes of hair loss instead of simply masking this condition. In the months following your PRP treatments, your body will repair the roots, follicles, and sebaceous glands.

Benefits of PRP Therapy Over Other Hair Restoration Treatments

Unfortunately, many traditional hair restoration treatments are extremely invasive, and there is no guarantee that the results will last for more than a few years. After a hair transplant procedure, patients often need to recover in bed for multiple days. Even a hair plug operation can be extremely hard on the body, and many people need to take harsh painkillers for days following those treatments. PRP therapy is safe, effective, and minimally-invasive.

Every appointment is slightly different, but most of our PRP treatments take just minutes to complete. We are going to begin by taking a small sample of your blood so that we can extract the PRP. Once we have a sample, we will place the blood in a centrifuge that spins it at extremely high speeds. That device separates the platelets and white blood cells from all of the other cells in the blood. When we have a concentrated dose of PRP, we can carry out the injections in order to treat your hair loss.  

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