Renew Your Confidence with Hair Restoration

Discover the hair restoration Baton Rouge loves for natural, nonsurgical results. When you look at the evolution of men’s hair over time, many iconic looks come to mind. From Julius Caesar to The Beatles, or even from George Washington to Jimmy Hendrix, notable figures have influenced trends over the ages. Traditionally and historically, women have had long hair while men had shorter hair. It’s often a symbol of status, virility, youth, and culture. Though most commonly associated with male patients, women can benefit from hair restoration as well. Aging, hormonal imbalances, and stress can all cause anyone’s hair to thin.

However, in today’s world, hair is much more of an individual decision. How important is your hair to YOU? If thinning hair is causing you distress or a loss of identity, then hair restoration could be a great move for your appearance—and your confidence.

The Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma 

Gone are the days of snake-oil salesmen and false promises of curing baldness. Today, you can harness the power of platelet-rich plasma to address hair loss for any gender. Before you say this sounds like some superhero fiction, it’s actually a legitimate therapy backed in biological science. You see, platelets are small blood cells that help your body heal and your blood clot. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrated solution of your own blood. PRP has about five times the number of platelets found in normal blood. 

Healthy roots and follicles grow healthy hair. But when follicles fail, the hair growth stops. Because follicles survive on the nutritional blood supply, administering PRP engages the body’s natural healing response. The theory is that PRP can reengage damaged hair follicles by kick-starting the body’s naturally occurring wound-healing response. This nonsurgical procedure can stimulate hair growth for a variety of hair loss conditions. Healed follicles can then start growing hair! That’s the therapeutic basis of the hair restoration Baton Rouge and Lafayette love. 

Aesthetic Medicine Hair Restoration: Baton Rouge & Lafayette

The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana is your destination for hair restoration. To get started, schedule a private, complimentary consultation at either our Baton Rouge or Lafayette clinic. Because everyone’s situation and needs are unique, this appointment helps us better understand your concerns and goals. You can also visit us for facial rejuvenation, skin treatments, body sculpting, and other anti-aging treatments

The Aesthetic Medicine Difference 

Whatever your aesthetic needs—your overall health, beauty, and longevity is our No. 1 priority. That’s why our technicians are professionally trained and our facility is serene and beautiful. We want you to feel as good as you look! Regain your confidence and youth with PRP hair restoration at Aesthetic. 

Our philosophy improves not only your appearance on the outside but also—more importantly—how you feel on the inside. So much of our confidence relies on how we look and feel. We can help you improve your overall quality of life!