Refine Your Figure and Eliminate Fat with VASER Lipo

Anyone who has gone on a diet understands that sticking to a diet and keeping up with an exercise routine is not easy. It takes a lot of work. It takes work to get up in the morning and go to the gym, it takes work to avoid certain foods that you love and it takes work to make sure that you are drinking enough water and doing everything that you can in order to get the cut and defined body that you want.

VASER® Lipo is a powerful tool that can help you get the most out of your diet and exercise efforts. It is a procedure that can kick in when your diet and exercise routine no longer produces the results that you want. If you are looking at your love handles, your abdomen or your back and you just don’t like what you see because there is residual fat, this procedure may be just right for you.

This is a state-of-the-art body contouring procedure. It is designed to remove the fat that you do not want in a very selective way. It is a safe alternative to some of the harsh techniques that are used during traditional liposuction. This procedure gently uses ultrasound to mildly but drastically reshape your body into something that you are proud of and that will garner you the compliments that you want.

VASER® Lipo is a very safe procedure. It has been used by doctors around the world, and it has delivered some amazing results. Since ultrasound technology is used, we have the ability to target the fat cells that you want to remove while at the same time avoiding damage to blood vessels, connective tissues and other organs. The innovative technology causes fat cells to break apart, leaving other tissues completely intact. You will be surprised at how amazing the results are and how minimal the damage to surrounding tissue is.

The rate at which you will see results is going to vary depending on the amount of fat you will have removed. It will also depend on the number of areas that you are having treated at the same time and other factors such as your metabolism and your body’s ability to heal. Many patients see some amazing results right after the procedure. They see the final results months later.

If you have a healthy diet and you continue to exercise, the fat is not going to come back nor will it migrate. If you have any weight gain or weight loss after the procedure, it will be distributed proportionally throughout your body.

If you are sick and tired of battling with pockets of fat that will not budge with diet and exercise, VASER® Lipo may be the right choice for you. During a consultation at Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana in Baton Rouge or Lafayette, you can learn more about this innovative liposuction alternative. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!