Reduce the Appearance of Your Cellulite with VelaShape III

Are you ready to get a body that you can feel proud of? Are you ready to treat cellulite on problem areas of your body, like your buttocks or thighs? If so, take the time to learn more about VelaShape III.

VelaShape III is non-surgical cellulite treatment. It uses radiofrequency energy and infrared light. Vacuum technology is used as well. When this treatment is used, it stimulates the growth of elastin and collagen in the skin. So after treatment, you are going to notice a marked improvement in the texture and structure of your skin. This is something that is extremely important when it comes to the treatment of cellulite. Getting rid of cellulite is not simply a matter of losing fat. It is a matter of improving the condition of your skin.

One of the main concerns that people have when using any kind of cellulite or skin treatment is if the process is safe. You can feel confident using VelaShape III. It is a safe and effective treatment. And it is great for individuals who have all skin types and skin colors. The treatment has been on the market for several years and went through clinical trials. There have been no reported short-term or long-term negative side effects because of it.

Another concern that many people have is if the cosmetic treatment they use is going to cause them to experience a lot of discomfort. When using VelaShape III, you are not going to feel uncomfortable. Many people describe this treatment as comfortable and relaxing. It feels like a warm deep tissue massage. The treatment that is given can be adjusted in order to make you feel the most comfortable. One of the things that you are likely to experience is a warm sensation in the area that was treated not only during the treatment, but also for at least a couple of hours afterward. You may also have some redness in the treated area as well.

It is important for you to understand that you are not going to see all of your cellulite disappear immediately after the treatment. It takes time for your skin to improve. So you will see a gradual improvement of the area in the days and weeks following the treatment. You will notice that the skin is firmer and feels smoother. You may need multiple treatment sessions in order to get the best results.

You deserve to feel confident in your body. You should not be ashamed to wear shorts or to wear other clothing that is revealing because you have cellulite on your body. Schedule an appointment at The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana to learn more about VelaShape III and how it can improve your appearance. Contact us today to book a consultation at our office in Lafayette or Baton Rouge.