3 Things You Should Know About ProFractional Lasers

The source of many individuals’ insecurities comes from problems with their skin. Using creams and serums can only treat scars, texture, and lines to a certain level, and rarely does it eliminate the cause of the insecurity. This is where ProFractional lasers can help. These lasers use the most advanced laser technology to deliver the results you dream about. If you are interested in the marvelous benefits of ProFractional lasers, you should know a few things. Learn three important facts about ProFractional lasers with the experts of The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana in Lafayette.

1. The Basics

A ProFractional laser is a precision scanner from Sciton designed to achieve resurfacing results without sacrificing the patient’s comfort or demanding extended recovery time. It uses an erbium laser to stimulate the skin’s collagen formation and promote healing. This laser allows users to adjust laser patterns and treat concerns in various dermis layers. Treatments are finely tuned to each individual based on their needs, granting them a fully unique treatment plan personalized for them. Treatment areas include the neck, chest, hands, arms, and legs. Individuals can utilize this treatment option if they are seeking treatment for the following:  

  • Pigmented lesions such as moles and freckles 
  • Acne scars and scar reduction
  • Fine and deep lines
  • Pigmentation 
  • Texture
  • Signs of melasma 
  • Sun damage

2. ProFractional Laser Treatment Is Special 

Unlike most laser treatments, ProFractional lasers can target the treatment site without removing the entire surface of the treatment areas. Additionally, the doctor can customize ablation depth, coagulation, density, and scan pattern for each unique patient. These narrow-diameter lasers trigger the body’s natural healing response without involving the surrounding tissue. Due to this, the patient’s overall comfort is increased, and the recovery time is shortened. 

3. The Recovery and Results 

Typically, patients require one to three treatments to achieve their desired results. To maintain results, an annual maintenance treatment is recommended. The amount of treatments depends on each patient’s circumstances and skin characteristics. 

After the day of the treatment, your skin will transition from a red color to a pink shade. It is often compared to a sunburn. Light swelling is also common. The red color of the skin during the first days of following treatment may be intimidating, but this pigmentation is short-lived. Typically, the skin returns to a soft shade within a few days, but patients can use light makeup for coverage after a day or two if necessary. Many patients are thrilled with how quickly their skin transforms into their glowy desired results!

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