The Professional Difference of Dermaplaning

Due to its amazing results, dermaplaning is becoming more and more popular. And, like most popular beauty treatments, companies try to capitalize on trends to sell you at-home versions. However, only a professional can give you the most dramatic results in the safest way possible. That’s where we come in. At The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana, only trained technicians perform dermaplaning treatments. So, before you start in on your own skin, discover the professional difference of the dermaplaning Lafayette and Baton Rouge love.

First, What Is Dermaplaing? 

New to the term? Let’s break down the word “dermaplaning” to help describe the treatment. The prefix derma- means the word relates to skin. It comes from the Greek word derma, which can also mean “to hide.” The second part of the term—planing—refers to the verb “plane” (not to be confused with airplanes!). To plane simply means to smooth. Carpenters will plane pieces of wood to make them smoother for projects and furniture. Therefore, dermaplaning means to smooth the skin. 

Next, Why Do People Love Dermaplaning?

When done in a professional setting, dermaplaning can smooth and improve your skin texture. It can also help your products and serums better penetrate so you can get their full benefits. That’s why a dermaplaning session is often followed by a mask or other treatment to reduce oil, unblock blackheads, and tighten pores. We combine our dermaplaning treatment with a lactic or glycolic acid micropeel and cryogenic therapy. These three steps help you uncover your best skin ever. Additionally, turning the skin into a smooth canvas also helps your makeup glide on easier (if you even still need it!). 

So, the main benefits of dermaplaning come from removing the surface layer of dead skin cells. However, clients also love how it eliminates their fine facial hairs as well. After our dermaplaning facial treatment, most people notice an immediate improvement in their skin. What’s more, there’s no downtime! You don’t have to plan your week around uncomfortable and embarrassing redness or flakiness. To address big skin concerns, dermaplaning can be used twice a month in a series of six treatments. Otherwise, you could do it once every four to six weeks for general skin maintenance.

So, Why Should I Go To A Professional? 

Again, only trained facial treatment professionals should perform dermaplaning treatments. And at Aesthetic Medicine, we’re all about providing a professional experience. We start by cleansing, then use a surgical-grade tool to plane the skin and smooth away surface cells. At home, using a sharp instrument around your face could result in injury. The process is NOT as easy or as simple as shaving. Because one purpose of exfoliation is to help keep your skin healthy, you shouldn’t risk your skin’s appearance or health by taking it into your own hands. Even if you think you could handle it, the results will not be as good. Professionals using medical-grade tools and products is the only way to get dramatic, beautiful results. 

The Dermaplaning Lafayette And Baton Rouge Love 

Ready to see what a professional dermaplaning treatment can do for your skin? Contact The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana today. Explore our other peels and facials as well as the many other facial rejuvenation treatments we offer. We have locations in both Lafayette and Baton Rouge to help serve our beautiful clients in south Louisiana. Visit the one nearest you to uncover the best skin of your life with professional dermaplaning in Lafayette.