Minimize the Appearance of Sun Damage with IPL Photofacial in Baton Rouge

IPL photofacials are non-invasive skin treatments for individuals suffering from the effects of sun damage, particularly brittle, dull skin that is subject to wrinkling. Here in Baton Rouge, the summer sun can cause damage that isn’t immediately apparent, but after years of overexposure, the skin tone becomes dull and uneven. Dynamic wrinkles begin to appear around the mouth and eyes. Freckles and age spots become more prominent. Intense-pulsed light therapy, or IPL, can help correct these problems.

This type of treatment uses focused light energy to cause intentional damage to the affected skin layers. The body will accelerate the process of skin cell development, and the result is smoother skin that is more even in tone. We offer complete consultation and treatment services for our Baton Rouge clients.

IPL and Laser Treatments

Laser treatments use a tightly focused beam of monochromatic light to create intentional damage to skin cells. On the other hand, IPL is a treatment employing the use of broad-spectrum light frequencies, and the light energy, although focused, isn’t as strong as what a laser produces.

The idea behind IPL treatments is to control the range of light frequencies delivered by the instrument. This gives the practitioner complete control over the amount of energy delivered, as well as the depth to which the energy affects the skin and subdermal tissues. Each skin layer is of a different tone and density, and the tissues of these layers will absorb only certain wavelengths of light energy. Darker tissues contain chromophores, the light-absorbing tissues of the cell. The darker the tissue, the more readily it will absorb light of a certain frequency.

Before and During Treatment

We will first consult with the client and make note of the thickness of the skin, the overall tone, location and density of any age spots and freckles, and the severity of any wrinkling. We will then customize a treatment plan that involves a series of IPL treatment sessions. Each session is performed in the comfort of our office in Baton Rouge, and there is little to no downtime for the client after treatment.

The treatment is performed by applying a soothing gel to the skin surface. The IPL device is calibrated to deliver a range of frequencies appropriate for the client’s skin tone. The lamp is placed on the skin surface and flashed for a few milliseconds. With each flash, energy passes through the light-toned epidermis and is absorbed by darker tissues that lie beneath. These cells are safely damaged, and the cell walls collapse. In the days following the treatment, these tissues are flushed from the body with other waste.

Simple Skin Treatment Without Surgery

An IPL photofacial treatment isn’t a permanent solution to the problem of aging skin, but it is very effective. Get more information about this popular skin treatment by consulting our team at The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana. We have offices in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for IPL photofacial treatment!