What Makes KYBELLA the Most Popular Double Chin Treatment?

Double chins are something quite common among both women and men, and it can appear during early adulthood. The great news is that you can do something about it that is quick, safe and really melts away the chin fat. KYBELLA® is a wonderful cosmetic double chin treatment that dissolves fat cells through a series of injections. It’s non-surgical and quickly becoming the hottest beauty trend.

Submental Fat

KYBELLA® targets the fat pocket under the chin, also known as submental fat. The prescription drug contains synthetic deoxycholic acid to attack the fat cells and dissolve them away. This simple double chin treatment can redefine the shape and contours of the jawline without undergoing expensive surgery or liposuction. Your profile can change quite dramatically. Submental fat can affect both young and old due to factors like genetics, weight and hormones.

Fast Results

Today, women and men are seeking cosmetic treatments that feature zero to little downtime and deliver results that last. KYBELLA® performs with precision and efficacy, and after a few treatments, the client notices some major changes. Usually, after the second double chin treatment session, there’s a turning point, and women and men rave about their chin fat starting to disappear. Results appear gradually enough that they look natural, so no one will have to know that you have received double chin treatment.

Star Status

KYBELLA® has almost instantly achieved success as the most popular double chin treatment around the world. In Hollywood, the cosmetic treatment attracts both young and older clients. This treatment is a great option for almost anyone who wants to get rid of their double chin, regardless of the reason.

Stars from reality TV’s “VanderPump Rules” have recently tried KYBELLA® treatments to sharpen their jawlines and gave the beauty procedure the thumbs up. Brittany Cartwright was more than happy to reveal to her 885,000 social media fans that KYBELLA® was the reason her double chin had gone bye-bye. She is loving the results.

When it comes to a double chin, you are not alone, and sometimes, it’s a genetic thing that has nothing to do with weight gain. Today’s advancements in cosmetic treatments are incredible, and KYBELLA® injections are a fine example. Who wouldn’t desire a sharper jawline without the surgery? Here at The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana, our friendly skin care experts are skilled in eliminating submental fat. We are conveniently located in Lafayette and Baton Rouge. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for double chin treatment!