3 Benefits of Injectable Facial Rejuvenation Treatments

Everyone should have a regular skin care routine. After all, the skin is the largest organ of the human body, so it deserves to be properly maintained and cared for. This care can keep it looking healthier and younger for longer. However, even with the most dedicated skin care regimen, there comes a point where the cracks begin to show. Wrinkles and fine lines eventually begin to appear on the skin, diminishing a person’s youthful appearance. But modern medicine provides a simple, convenient solution to this age-old problem! When you need a local clinic offering Botox treatments in Baton Rouge, trust Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging for your skin treatment needs.

Discover the excellent advantages of injectable wrinkle treatments such as Botox and Dysport. And find out how these treatments could help you look and feel like your younger self again.

Why Choose Injectables for Wrinkles?

There are several reasons why people choose injectable treatments for their fine lines and wrinkles. As previously mentioned, a regular skincare routine is great, but it can only go so far. However, Botox and Dysport can address the appearance of wrinkles head-on, offering long-lasting relief. Learn more about the benefits these treatments provide.

No Surgery Needed 

One of the main advantages of Botox and Dysport is that they don’t require surgery. Patients can enjoy effective, quick, and safe treatment without having to worry about incisions, prolonged recovery time, or anything along those lines. In fact, the relatively pain-free procedures typically take only 10 to 20 minutes per visit. 

While Botox focuses on fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes, mouth, and forehead, Dysport targets moderate-to-severe lines between the eyebrows. Both treatments utilize botulinum toxin to relax the facial muscles, temporarily stopping the contractions that cause wrinkles. So, if the idea of surgery seems scary to you, it’s time to find a local Dysport or Botox clinic in Baton Rouge. 


Another great benefit of Botox and Dysport treatments is they can last for multiple months per treatment. In fact, a single session can offer smoother, younger-looking skin for up to four months! That’s a third of a year of smoother skin with just one treatment.

…But Temporary

If you don’t feel satisfied with your Botox or Dysport treatments for any reason, another feature to keep in mind is that they’re temporary. It’s kind of like the difference between getting a henna tattoo versus a real one. Once the effective period is over, your skin will return to its previous look without additional treatments. This is an advantage because, unlike surgery, there’s far less of a commitment. So, if one day you decide that you want to return to your skin’s previous look, you have the option to do it. The choice is yours, as it should be.

Looking for a Local Dysport or Botox Clinic in Baton Rouge? 

Now that you know why so many choose injectables to address their wrinkles, you may want to experience the benefits for yourself. The experienced team at Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics wants you to be able to enjoy the benefits of suppler, healthier-looking skin. Give us a call at 225-320-5485 or contact us online. You can schedule a free consultation to explore the services that could benefit you best.