Liposuction for Clients in Baton Rouge and Lafayette

When it comes to sculpting the physique you want, most of it relies on your diet and exercise programs. You can moderately restrict your calorie intake to whittle away body fat over time and use specific exercises to tighten and tone your muscles. With that said, there are aspects of our bodies that are extremely difficult to control, and one of them is where body fat is stored. Body fat storage is dictated by hormones and genetics. Liposuction is a surgical procedure available in Baton Rouge and Lafayette that can help you get the “finishing touch” on the physique you have worked so hard to achieve.

Understanding Body Fat Storage

A normal body fat percentage is vital for the health of your organs, including your heart, skin and eyes. If you have already lost as much body fat as you can while remaining healthy and still have unwanted fat deposits, liposuction can help. For example, if you are happy with your overall physique but have stubborn fat on your lower abdomen or along your thighs, losing more body fat doesn’t necessarily mean that it will go away. Your body may relinquish fat from your face, breasts or buttocks and still stubbornly hold onto the belly or thigh fat. Liposuction can remove the unwanted fat while allowing you to remain at a healthy body fat percentage.

The Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction Baton Rouge and Lafayette using specialized techniques. VASER® Lipo and VASER® Hi-Def Lipo are both great ways to get traditional liposuction results without the downsides of invasive surgery. During your initial consultation with our surgeon, you can learn more information about these techniques, including which one is likely to give you the results you desire.

Liposuction is well-tolerated by most people, meaning that complications are unusual and minor, should they occur at all. However, the procedure does still involve a recovery. It is important to follow our team’s instructions during this time in order to enjoy optimal results.

Talk to Our Surgeon

If you think you have done as much as you can with diet and exercise and still don’t have the physique you want, liposuction at The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana may be an option for you. Schedule a consultation at our office in Baton Rouge or Lafayette to get started. Contact us today to book an appointment!