Let Laser Hair Removal Change Your Life

Are you tired of constantly shaving every other day or bucking up the confidence to get that painful bikini wax? Then it’s time to reevaluate your standards for hair removal. Hair removal has never been easier than with the simple procedure of laser hair removal. At The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana, we want to help take the pain away from the hair removal process by offering one of the best laser hair removal procedures there are in Lafayette. We know the frustrating pain that comes with body waxing and want to make sure that our clients receive the same result without the excruciating pain. Once you try it for the first time you won’t ever turn back!

What is GentleMax Pro Laser Hair Removal and How Does It Work? 

No matter the skin type, the GentleMax Pro works off a dual-wavelength laser to remove the unwanted hairs we all loathe. But, this GentleMax Pro laser does more than just remove hair, it can also address: 

  • Facial and leg veins 
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin tightening 
  • And skin rejuvenation 

In a one-on-one consultation, our technicians will go over your customized plan and determine how many sessions you will need. During your scheduled laser session, our experienced technician will emit a small laser pulse to the area of the skin with unwanted hair growth. You will experience a small feeling of a rubber band lightly snapping against the skin that resolves quickly. During the treatment, we also have a constant amount of cool air directed on the skin to help keep you comfortable. 

Once the laser hits the skin, it bypasses the skin’s surface and targets the pigments of skin imperfections, converting to heat and clearing them from the skin. This heat energy also triggers the skin’s natural healing response resulting in the creation of new collagen to remodel and resurface treated areas. 

Since this system doesn’t remove or damage the skin, there is no downtime or healing required. However, you can expect the treated areas to appear flushed and potentially red, but this will fade within the first week. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, most patients who partake in laser hair removal remain hair-free for months or even years. 

Why The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinic? 

At The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana, we personalize each treatment for our clients to ensure the best possible result that they are looking for. We walk our clients through an extensive consultation to find out all your wants and needs and then craft a customized plan made specifically for you. We strive to deliver the utmost satisfaction with our services and results by providing you with our experienced medical team and state-of-the-art facility. 

Let Us Change Your Life With Laser Hair Removal 

Stop putting yourself through major pain to remove your unwanted hair. It’s time to change your outlook on hair removal by trying out laser hair removal with us at The Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Clinic in Lafayette. If you are ready to start your hair removal journey, then call our Lafayette location at 337-484-1234. Or you can contact us online to book your appointment. Don’t let your past history with hair removal keep you from trying out laser hair removal. Let us change your life with our simple laser hair removal procedure today—you won’t look back!