How Does VASER Liposuction Work?

Unwanted body fat is a problem many people face throughout their lives. Whether you’re trying to eliminate your love handles or shrink your arms, losing weight can take time and effort. That’s why many people are turning to VASER® Liposuction to help them reach their ideal weight.

So, how does VASER® Liposuction work? A consultation with a member of our team will first indicate the areas you are concerned about. This treatment is unique because it allows for a more targeted treatment of specific areas than traditional liposuction does.

The procedure uses energy to break up the fatty tissue while still preserving other important tissue. This fatty tissue is removed from the body. The treatment leaves untreated areas, such as blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves, completely in tact, which can help promote results you will love as well as the body’s natural rapid healing processes.

Not only is the ultrasound energy of VASER® Liposuction powerful enough to slim large areas of the body like the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, but it’s also gentle enough to tackle those smaller problem areas like your calves, chin, and arms.

The success of the procedure can depend on the candidate. You will know you’re right for VASER® Liposuction following a consultation with our team to learn more about the procedure. Ideally, this procedure is for someone who is close to their ideal weight and wants to remove body fat from a particular area of their body. A consultation with a member of our team will help you establish realistic expectations for your entire treatment process, including what your results may look like.

To learn more about VASER® Liposuction, contact us today at the Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana and set up a consultation at one of our offices in Baton Rouge or Lafayette.