A three-step procedure designed to refine skin texture damaged by environmental factors while assisting in smoothing fine lines, evening out skin discoloration, tightening pores and exfoliating the skin.

 Micropeel with Cryogenic Therapy in baton rouge
Here’s what to expect during this 60-minute procedure:
  1. First, dermaplaning exfoliates the skin. 
  2. Lactic or glycolic acid is then applied to help free the pores from debris. 
  3. Finally, a skin freezing process called cryogenic therapy utilizes carbon dioxide to refresh the skin. 

Immediately, the treatment cools the skin, reduces inflammation and oil, unblocks blackheads, and tightens pores. Most people notice a change in their skin right away. There’s no downtime, and it can be used twice a month in a series of six treatments for skin correction, or once every four to six weeks for general skin maintenance

A woman after a facelift.

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