Get Long-Term Wrinkle Correction 

Have you considered using dermal fillers to correct your wrinkles and fine lines, but were dissuaded by the short amount of time their effects usually last? You may want to consider Sculptra®. After three short treatment sessions, this injectable can bring you relief from wrinkles, fine lines, and loss of facial volume for up to two years.

What is Sculptra®?

FDA-approved in 2009, Sculptra® is one of the best injectable treatments available for patients interested in providing long-term wrinkle correction. While most fillers only provide immediate, short-term wrinkle improvements, Sculptra® can bring more than two years of wrinkle correction! This treatment can be used to address nasolabial folds, marionette lines, chin wrinkles, and loss of facial fullness.

How Does Sculptra® Work?

Sculptra® is administered over a series of three treatments. With each additional treatment, patients begin to gradually see greater and greater wrinkle correction lasting up to two years after the final treatment. Patients should be in good health, have realistic expectations, and understand the treatment process before receiving injections.

Here’s what to expect from a Sculptra® treatment: 
  • This product is made of poly-L-lactic acid (plla) and is injected into the deep dermis. 
  • Following injection, Sculptra® is gently massaged into the skin to distribute evenly throughout the treatment area. 
  • A few days after each injection is administered, the microparticles of (plla) begin to replace collagen in the deep dermis and reinforce the overall structure and strength of the skin. 
  • Over time and with each additional treatment, this collagen framework becomes increasingly strengthened, leading to beautiful, wrinkle-free skin that lasts.
  • You should space each of these treatments between six and ten weeks apart. Following treatment, it typically takes patients between 45-90 days to see the full results of their injections. 
  • While side effects like swelling and bruising are common, these usually subside within a few days of each session.
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