Enhance Your Skin with Microneedling in Baton Rouge

No matter how well you take care of your skin, you might find that you’re still struggling with dull, lifeless skin or haven’t been able to erase those pesky signs of aging. The truth is that there is no lotion, potion, or serum that can really improve the state of your skin in a significant way. What you really need is a treatment that supercharges your skin’s ability to heal and rejuvenate itself. Microneedling is one of our most popular facial treatments in Baton Rouge as it is non-surgical yet offers real, tangible results.

How Does Microneedling Work?

Microneedling, which is also called as collagen induction therapy, is a simple yet effective treatment that works by encouraging your skin to produce more collagen. The way microneedling does this is through the use of device called a dermapen. This tool contains several tiny needles that when moved smoothly across your skin leave behind microscopic holes in the many layers of your skin. The importance and purpose of these microtraumas is that they trick your skin into initiating the healing process. As such, your skin will start producing collagen and elastin in order to heal itself.

How Is a Microneedling Treatment Done?

We will first apply a numbing agent to your skin. Then the dermapen will be moved along your skin in a controlled manner. And that’s all there is to it. There is no other chemicals, fillers, or substances involved.

Is There Downtime?

No, there is no downtime with this treatment as it is non-invasive and non-surgical. You may experience a little redness or tenderness but that should abate within 24-48 hours.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of treatments that you will need will depend on your specific skin care goals and needs. For the best results, we recommend that you have a treatment done every 4-6 weeks. That way you can keep your skin in tip-top shape.

What Does Microneedling Treat?

Microneedling is able to treat several different skin issues and concerns. For one, it is excellent at treating fine lines and wrinkles. The main reason why we develop those particular signs of aging is because our skin slows down the production of collagen as we get older. As the treatment ups collagen production, it is able to reduce the many fine lines and wrinkles around your nose, on your forehead, and around your mouth.

Microneedling can also reduce the look of scarring due to acne and areas of hyperpigmentation. Overall, this treatment improves the tone, texture, and laxity of your skin.

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