Discover Treatments Available at Our Anti-Aging Clinic

Discover Treatments Available at Our Anti-Aging Clinic

If you have reached your late thirties or early forties, you have no doubt begun to notice signs of facial aging like wrinkles or sagging skin. One of the main causes of facial aging is a gradual breakdown of important skin substances like collagen and hyaluronic acid. Many of these substances can be restored using minimally-invasive techniques at our anti-aging clinic. We can either inject you with a filler or encourage your own body to manufacture new collagen and replace old, damaged skin tissue to help reduce the signs of visible aging.

Laser Treatments

Laser skin rejuvenation is extremely popular right now among those seeking anti-aging solutions that do not require surgery or significant downtime. We direct a laser to transmit thermal energy under the surface of your skin. Your own body will then remove damaged skin tissue and replace it with newer skin displaying fewer signs of aging like lines and wrinkles.

One of the main benefits to undergoing a laser treatment is its ability to offer real results without the need for hospitalization or significant downtime. The laser’s precision allows us to precisely target only damaged skin tissue and leave nearby skin intact; so your recovery time will be far shorter than many other types of skin rejuvenation treatments.

Juvéderm® Fillers

Juvéderm® is a type of dermal filler that works by enhancing facial skin volume. Over time, your skin will lose its volume and elasticity, largely due to a depletion of a substance called hyaluronic acid. You may have heard of hyaluronic acid as a popular ingredient in a number of skin care products. In addition to its external use, this important skin substance can be delivered directly via injection.

After injection into the treatment area, the Juvéderm® gel begins to draw moisture into skin tissue for a plumping and volumizing effect. Juvéderm® treatments offer the promise of plump, dewy skin that is very moist and radiant.


Has your skin been looking dull and lifeless lately? If so, you should consider a microdermabrasion treatment at our anti-aging clinic to remove the buildup of dead skin cells and cellular debris that is blocking the natural radiance of skin underneath.

We use a small handpiece to spray microscopic particles onto your skin’s surface to break up the stratum corneum skin layer that is composed of dead skin cells, oils, and cellular debris. The treatment is effective for superficial skin problems like light lines and wrinkles, superficial scars, enlarged pores, and a dull complexion.

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