The Dermaplaning Baton Rouge and Lafayette Love

Do you love facials? It’s one of our favorite ways to self-care. But they can be more than a relaxing treat. In fact, facial treatments can address most of your skin concerns—including fine lines, texture, and aging. At The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana, we’re not just clay masks and cucumber slices. As a matter of fact, our facial treatments deliver real, lasting results. These include the peels, facials, microdermabrasion, and dermaplaning Baton Rouge—and Lafayette—love. 

What Is Dermaplaning? 

If you’re new to medical spa facials, dermaplaning could be a great place to start. An exfoliating treatment, dermaplaning gently scrapes dead skin and fine hairs off your face. It’s almost like shaving—but it’s about so much more than removing hair! Shedding dead skin through exfoliation is essential for skin health. It helps prevent bacteria, sweat, and dirt from getting stuck underneath the skin’s surface. 

The Benefits of Dermaplaning 

On its own, dermaplaning also can make your skin brighter and clearer! It’s painless, and there’s no downtime. Though it can help prevent breakouts, it might be best to avoid if you have some active pimples or cold sores. Otherwise, it’s an appropriate procedure for most people. Compared to other exfoliating treatments—such as microdermabrasion—it’s gentler and lower-tech. But it can be just as effective, especially when combined with products. 

Taking Dermaplaning To The Next Level

At The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana, our dermaplaning treatment doesn’t stop at dermaplaning. That’s just the first step in our three-part experience. After the exfoliating treatment, your technician will apply a lactic or glycolic acid. These are both alpha-hydroxy acids that serve as chemical exfoliants. Which one you choose depends on your skin type and needs. Both are great for reducing and preventing acne and addressing discoloration. Talk to your esthetician about which is best for you. 

The final step in our dermaplaning is a skin-freezing process called cryogenic therapy. This process utilizes carbon dioxide to refresh the skin. Most people notice a change in their skin right away. Immediately after the treatment, you’ll experience reduced inflammation and less oil. Furthermore, it can unblock blackheads and tighten pores. For the most impactful results, you can make it part of your regular skin care treatment. For skin correction, do it twice a month in a series of six treatments. On the other hand, once every four to six weeks is enough for general skin maintenance. 

The Dermaplaning Baton Rouge and Lafayette Loves 

Ready to try out dermaplaning, Baton Rouge? Or maybe you’re interested in another skin or facial treatment. Whatever your needs, meet your unique goals with our suite of services. Make an appointment or schedule your free consultation. We’re the trusted destination for aesthetic and cosmetic services in south Louisiana. 

Visit our location in Baton Rouge on Bluebonnet Boulevard. Additionally, we’re located in Lafayette, just off of Ambassador Caffery Parkway. Whichever clinic you visit, you’ll experience world-class clinical quality in the ambiance of a high-end spa. After all, we’re here to help you improve not only your appearance on the outside, but also—more importantly—how you feel on the inside.