CO2RE Intima Treatment for Women

Unsettling changes are happening to your body. You know that menopause is going to be here soon. You never expected it to be such a long, drawn out process. The journey to the end of menstrual cycles can take years. You’re not looking forward to battling with hot flashes, weight gain, and moodiness for an indefinite amount of time. Worse yet, you don’t want to deal with an embarrassing problem of an intimate nature. You’re struggling with vaginal dryness, pain, and laxity. You just want to take your life back. The CO2RE Intima treatment may be the answer you need.

Why are Your Vaginal Tissues Irritated?

You may be struggling with uncomfortable vaginal symptoms as a result of a shift in estrogen levels. As you head into menopause, your reproductive system is getting ready to shut down. Your estrogen levels are going to decrease. This is to be expected and natural. It’s also the root of all of your troublesome symptoms. The more extreme the drop in hormones, the more extreme your symptoms.

When you experience low estrogen levels, it has an adverse effect on your vagina. The tissue becomes dry and less elastic. You may experience minor bleeding from tears in the delicate tissue. It’s common for the tissue to become thinner as well. The end result is soreness and dryness that won’t go away. The CO2RE Intima treatment can relieve your symptoms.

How Can the CO2RE Intima Treatment Make a Difference?

The CO2RE Intima treatment uses a laser that is applied to vaginal tissues with a handheld device. The treatment warms the tissues of your vagina in a gentle manner. By applying heat, you’ll experience improved levels of collagen in these tissues. More collagen means more elasticity. As the tissues become more elastic, you will have better circulation. Healthy cells will replace cells that are worn are tired. Many women enjoy improved sensitivity when they are sexually active. Pain will go away.

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