Radiesse for Men

Restore Definition and Shape to Your Masculine Features 

Moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds can lead to a loss of self-confidence in men. Radiesse® for men can help subtly refresh your appearance without any tell-tale signs that you have undergone a cosmetic treatment.

What is Radiesse® for Men?

Visible lines and creases around the nose and mouth do not just happen to women, and Radiesse® injections can be tailored to the unique skin care needs of male patients. Reduce facial wrinkles and folds and restore your smooth, taut skin.

How Does Radiesse® for Men Work?

These fast, easy injections offer convenient and flexible scheduling for even the busiest patients and provide men with multiple benefits:

  • It immediate lifts male skin, smoothing wrinkles and lines and creating a tighter, firmer appearance.
  • It stimulates collagen production within the skin, pushing fresh, new collagen to the surface over time for results that can last for up to one year with optimal treatment.
  • Radiesse® is comprised of calcium microspheres suspended in a gel carrier that easily integrate into skin tissue for discreet, natural-looking results that are professionally sculpted by our medical team.

Aside from slight reddening, bruising, and slight swelling, there are no side effects and no downtime. Results may vary, and multiple treatments may be necessary for the best results. We will create a customized treatment plan for you that outlines how many sessions you may need, what you can expect, and how you can maintain your results.

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